Common Sense Safety MPLS

We are a coalition of Minneapolis small business owners and employees.


We are calling for a change in public safety in Minneapolis.


We are calling on the City Council and Mayor to make common sense safety part of the 2022 budget.


What does common sense safety mean to small businesses?

Common sense safety solutions are:

  • Supported by research.
  • Supported by local small business owners and workers.
  • Based on the simple idea that the government should provide the basic services people need.

What do small businesses need?

    • Trained, unarmed professional response teams dispatched through 911 to help people experiencing addiction and homelessness connect to local resources. 
    • Decoupling medical response from police response. 
    • Free, in-person training on bystander intervention, first aid, and narcan available for all small business staff.
    • Investment in public community spaces with bathrooms, water fountains, free wifi, and space to sit down, including public parks and libraries.
    • Grants to small businesses for safety improvements like improved lighting.

We believe these approaches must be rooted within a longer term strategy of treating violence as a public health crisis.



Minneapolis needs long term investment in a comprehensive approach to addressing the causes of violence and crime, not underfunded short-term pilot projects.



Those approaches also need a departmental home within the city, which a Department of Public Safety would provide. Establishing a Department of Public Safety is a common sense idea already in place in cities across Minnesota and endorsed by Mayor Frey.



  • Safer response
  • Safer staff